Iobyte brings 'best-in-class' talent to help address client opportunities in the following areas:


Data Strategy

Most companies today have more data available than they can effectively use, obtain or even recognize. Iobyte's Data Strategy offering starts with a 'Quick-Start Assessment' that focuses on how the business acquires, organizes and leverages data in pursuit of its own goals. The deliverable is a clear, approachable document that outlines current state, challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for a Go-Forward Data Roadmap.

From there, Iobyte can continue to help clients implement changes that will enhance sources, processes and outcomes of the data lifecycle, adding material benefit to the business. Iobyte is a very measurement-focused firm so we strive to ensure these benefits are quantifiable where possible.

  • Find It
  • Get It
  • Integrate It
  • Analyze It
  • Leverage It

Pricing Strategy

Iobyte boasts one of the premiere experts on Pricing Strategy in the Publishing Industry. Dan Lubart has run pricing for HarperCollins and Hachette Book Group, developing many of the tools, methods and practices used today to collect data, identify revenue-enhancement opportunities, design and execute pricing tests, and ultimately enhance revenue.

Through a combination of market analytics, competitor monitoring, retailer behavioral modelling and testing, Iobyte can bring clarity and confidence to your pricing efforts.


Measurement Strategy

As business continually strive to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and risk, they turn to operational metrics to help quantify changes over time. Iobyte's 'Meaurement Quick-Start' assessment provides a health-check of your current measurement methods and tools and recommends go-forward improvements to consider.

Our measurement services also extend to digital consumer engagement, where our trademarked Consumer Engagement Lifecycle framework can be used to identify a lean set of high-impact metrics providing a balanced view of the entirety of consumer activity. This is based on years of working with clients such as Bloomberg,, HarperCollins and Purdue Pharmaceuticals.